Membership Services

Membership Services Include:

These services are included with the unlimited freshwater membership at no out of pocket cost to you
  • On Water Towing Our captains are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to tow you to your marina, boat ramp or dock of choice.
  • Soft Ungroundings If you find yourself soft aground we will come by and pull you off.
  • Fuel Delivery It happens to the best of us! Simply give us a call with your location and we'll deliver fuel to you so you can keep on moving. The cost of the fuel for your boat is not included.
  • Battery Jumps Anytime of day our captains are available to come give you a jump.
When making your choice, keep in mind:

While we are happy to assist and tow non-members, rates start at $200/hour and are charged based on "Portal-to-Portal". In simplest terms, from the time we leave our port until the time that we return. With the average tow being 1.5 2 hours, that is close to $350 out of pocket.

Soft-Ungroundings In addition to "Portal-to-Portal" and hourly towing charges, if you find yourself bumped onto a sandbar, non-members are also charged up to $20.00 per foot of your vessels length to be pulled free. So, If you have a 20 foot vessel this could be an additional $400.

With an Unlimited Freshwater Membership your out of pocket is $0

Non-Member Towing Rate: $200/hour

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